Acorn Deck House Company

 As the world leader in prefabricated custom homes, Acorn Deck House Company has a distinguished legacy of experience and quality. From 1947 until today, Acorn Deck House Company has built over 20,000 homes worldwide and continues to design and manufacture custom homes everywhere from Maine to California, Israel to Japan.

LiPuma Contractors is a preferred Acorn Deck House Company builder, having completed training, and several renovation and new construction projects since 1999. Most recently LiPuma Contractors completed this beautiful Deck House in the Berkshires. His team is also as experienced in renovating and updating existing Acorn Homes and Deck Houses.



Sally and Warren Kimball talk about their great experience with Deck House and LiPuma Contractors, and a link to a WGBH commercial with their home in it.



Mahogany Windows and Doors

New Windows and Doors

We furnish and install custom Mahogany windows and doors for new projects and renovations

Already Own a Deck House?

We can provide an energy evaluation of the existing windows and doors, and recommend replacement or repairs when necessary

Energy Efficient

We replace the existing glass panels, casement windows, and weatherstrip with OE Deck House supplied materials to keep the integrity of the design. The new Solarban SB60 panels are energy efficient and custom fit for your home. Customers can immediately see and feel the improvements.




Roofing and Insulation Replacement

Deck House Design

Many homes designed and manufactured by Deck House have a unique roof design that provides roof insulation above the beautiful exposed beams and cedar roof decking.

Increased Comfort

When a roofing replacement is necessary, we evaluate the existing insulation and provide recommendations to increase R-Value which will also increase comfort and home value

Energy Efficient

Replacement of your roofing and insulation will increase the enregy efficiency of your home and decrease your energy costs.




Additions and Renovations

Solarium Addition

New Deck House designs offer a Solarium addition